Luxurious Open Plan bathrooms are a rising trend – and here’s why

Since opening BAGNODESIGN Glasgow over two years ago we have done our level best to be in front of the competition, this began with the concept of full setting displays throughout the showroom and designing a concept for our clients rather than trying to sell them components for a bathroom, so how do we now take this to the next lever in terms of what BAGNODESIGN Glasgow has to offer?

Our latest thought of how to give our clients the ultimate experience is to not only concentrate on the en-suite but to look at the bedroom, dressing room and en-suite as a single concept to make sure the flow aesthetically and functionally work for the client.

This idea very much reminds me when architects and designers began to create kitchens that were more hubs of the home than places to cook and wash up, Large open plan spaces. So why not for an en-suite?

Many bathrooms are now designed to encourage time spent relaxing and rejuvenating. Often one of the most complex designs of the home, it makes sense that a bathroom should function as more than just a place to brush your teeth, and the first step towards making this happen is to start thinking of it as such.

Going open-plan offers more space, allowing a dressing area to be incorporated, as well as bathing and a WC that can be positioned with some privacy in mind. Bathing, dressing and ‘getting ready’ can all be made smooth processes, and designated areas for these stages are a good idea where possible, particularly when dealing with an ensuite.

This extra space, combined with clean finishes and an all over sleek design work towards making your room a refuge of serenity. Black, whites and greys are timeless, and they offer a certain minimalism that any room that encourages relaxation should take advantage of. That’s not saying that the room should not have personal touches, and 2016’s trend of varying colours of brassware can help you there.

The introduction of the anthracite Mezzine range works to give the bathroom a bold look, and can be extremely eye-catching within a simplistic space.

A key feature for spas is lighting, and your new bathroom should be no different. A careful balance should be struck between natural, task and mood lighting – all of which will simultaneously increase the experience and the mood. As with all open-plan spaces, lighting must have a certain consistency throughout.

The addition of houseplants not only help purify the air, but introduce the decorative aspect that will be present throughout your home. Depending on space, there are options for countertop, wall hanging or freestanding plants. Another key feature, with the right placement, is artwork, which completes the vibe of a luxurious hub. Final touches like the accessories can help not only the practical operation of the room but help tie in the colours of brassware chosen.


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